Saturday, April 16, 2011

designers help japan

great posters communicate powerfully. here are some examples of great designs created to support various fundraising venues for the aftermath of japan’s earthquake on march 11.

credits as per submissions’ username: 1-carlos | 2-rerylikes | 3-linda yuki nakanishi (yasixu) | 4-unknown | 5-imasamurai | 6-andré müller | 7-gorg | 8-robospeaks | 9-mycyclopeye | 10-patrick beauchemin | 11-dancingdead | 12-houseofrenai | 13-mildred | 14-alex liebold | 15-teknowblog | 16-samuel crag | 17-rob dobi | 18-unknown.

to view all submissions, submit your own design, or find a venue to donate, visit design for japan.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

loving typography : there’s an app for that

if you are an iphone owner and have suffered chronic insomnia like i have, you may have spent many hours in the app store in those wee hours of the morning. no kidding, i used to know pretty much all published apps for the first six months after the app store opened in 2008. but then the content increased exponentially, my insomnia subsided, and i just couldn’t keep up.

x: published by andritchie, new york

so i was very happy yesterday when a client sent me a link for a new typography application i didn’t know about. it made me plunge directly into the app store looking for other cool design applications. i did find a few, downloaded them, and here are some i found blogworthy.

typeplace is a new application where you can share cool, interesting typography you see in your daily life. you simply take a picture, upload it to typeplace and publish it. if you wish, it can simultaneously connect to your twitter account and publish it there as well.

exibit: by jrdelboux, são paulo (brasil) : at the moma: by julienlevy, new york

probably more interesting for designers, but definitely for everyone with an eye for beautiful and/or quirky type explorations, this app is simple, fun, and also geotags the picture’s location.

shower curtain: published by andritchie, nashua (new hampshire)

dirty energy source: by topfife, birmingham (uk) : kraliçe’s a: by chriak, salt (spain)

z: by mrmartineau, greenwich (uk) : pay me in advance: by itsmematt, los angeles
please note: all photo credits are given as per the usernames registered on typeplace.

the font game
this app is actually a game, but one that is definitely for graphic designers, and more specifically for those who not only love typography but also know typography. that includes recognizing the font families, their various styles, and if you can remember from your school days, the terminology for the anatomy of type. so you think you can handle the challenge?

stay tune as i further explore my other applications! and for now, as we all have a visual memory, here are the icons for those two great apps:

typeplace sells for $0.99
developed by killbot collective
the font game sells for $1.99
developed by i love typography

have fun people!