Saturday, April 16, 2011

designers help japan

great posters communicate powerfully. here are some examples of great designs created to support various fundraising venues for the aftermath of japan’s earthquake on march 11.

credits as per submissions’ username: 1-carlos | 2-rerylikes | 3-linda yuki nakanishi (yasixu) | 4-unknown | 5-imasamurai | 6-andré müller | 7-gorg | 8-robospeaks | 9-mycyclopeye | 10-patrick beauchemin | 11-dancingdead | 12-houseofrenai | 13-mildred | 14-alex liebold | 15-teknowblog | 16-samuel crag | 17-rob dobi | 18-unknown.

to view all submissions, submit your own design, or find a venue to donate, visit design for japan.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The last four make the strongest impression on me: the needle and thread, the nuclear symbol, the painter and the sos. Although I find the nuclear symbol design brilliant, it fails to convey the earthquake/tsunami devastation by highlighting the nuclear disaster.