Thursday, February 12, 2009

white space

recently a friend of mine mentioned that one of the most valuable thing she learned from me was the importance of the use of "white space" ~ so i thought i would share some of my work and the richness that "space" can bring to a design when it’s well done.

one important factor when using all that white is to make sure it communicates its own richness & quality ~ meaning "don’t be cheap on the stock" ~ buy a beautiful, rich, thick, high quality paper stock! it truly will make all the difference. people don’t usually know why, but they will say "wow, that card is awesome." simply said, it’s the impact of the intangible, the subtle, and knowing how to use its elements effectively.

lastly, if a client should insist that you include everything that they do on their business card, there really is no need to panic. although most people understand that the function of a card is to communicate contact information, there is sometimes a reasonable need to communicate the extent of services. this last picture is a fair example of using all that information in a clean and impactful way that is yet appealing to the eye. and still, look at all that white space!

for other wonderful examples of elegant white spaces: 7-├ętoiles

above designs from GR:D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my first post : a sample

well well, what to say on this momentous occasion? i really just want to test things out and say nothing in the process... now let’s see what this will look like when posted!