Thursday, February 19, 2009

typographic jumble

this is cool... someone posted this wordle link on facebook and it caught my attention. over the years many beautiful typographic compositions have been created in this style, and now apparently someone has developed an application that can automate how it’s being done. okay, maybe it’s not as well done creatively-speaking as if each word were placed thoughtfully in this random way – yes, a true artist would think carefully twice before placing each word beside another, because subconsciously the relationship between each word creates an impact (rohdesign demonstrates a beautiful example in his tote bag design) – but still, this application will give you a pretty interesting composition! so have fun today. take your favourite poem or quote and create one of your own. / it’s just silly fun!

my word jumble, top: success   middle: the secret of wisdom   bottom: love
you can always just have a look at mine.


Meade Design Group said...

Stunning use of typography - I can see any of those pieces frame in a cool modern interior space.

guylaine rondeau said...

you are absolutely right ivan... that would look really cool!